SEO & Content Marketing Plan

What is an SEO strategy or plan?

An SEO strategy or plan is a blueprint for your Search Engine Optimization activities. Critical to the success of any digital marketing strategy, an effective SEO plan is a true game-changer. It is set out as a long term solution to drive traffic to your website, improve conversion rates and boost your online revenue. Although SEO is usually considered a medium to long term strategy, a well executed plan can have a positive effect on your business in the first month or two depending on the industry and targets.

The SEO Plan

To start off any strategy or plan, we have to do an analysis of your website. In this time we can see the websites strengths and weaknesses; what keywords have been targeted previously, the on-page content, metadata including; meta titles and descriptions, content length and quality, frequency on that content being updated to work with the best keywords.

Depending on what plan you choose and what your goals are for your website, we will work out a strategy that will best suit your website and audience to make sure your website is hitting its targets and you have a continual flow of legitimate views coming through. We will work with both on-site and off-site tactics that will support the overarching SEO strategy.

The Content Marketing Plan

Content marketing is important because you can build trust with your audience, improve conversations, connect with your customers, enhance SEO efforts, build credibility, generate leads and increase audience retention. Designing a social media presence has helped business’s gain new clients and keep existing customers loyal and interested. We are here to help design social media strategies to achieve marketing targets on a wider scale by producing, publishing and managing high-quality content on social media platforms and blogs for your business; grabbing those new and current clients attentions with continued up-to-date content.

Ongoing Maintenance & Review

Once we have your website ranking high on Search Engines, we will continually maintain your website and any other digital mediums that are set up to keep you high up in web searches, maintaining your SEO for your website involves; keeping your keywords up-to-date with what is highly ranked in your industry or field, keeping the traffic flowing through backlinks you have on other medium, for example; links shared on your Blog, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

SEO plans need to be somewhat flexible and do require regular review to ensure that they are working effectively and targets are being met. If the industry you work in is very competitive, it is important to consider what your competitor websites are doing and what may be required to outrank them in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). At Codejar we are continually monitoring changes and trends in the industries that our clients are in to ensure their results are continually improving and coming up with new innovative ways to assist in reaching those goals.